Are you thinking of buying the property of your dreams? Whether it’s a single-family home, a condo, a first purchase, or an investment, I am here to listen to your future projects. It is always preferable to work with a real estate broker in order to be guided and advised, but also to put in place all the necessary strategies to acquire the property of your dreams. Your trust is very important so that I can carry out your real estate project in an exemplary way from the beginning to the end.


  • I am a full time real estate broker.
  • I have the expertise and the tools to help you buy at the right price.
  • I act as an intermediary between the two parties, which facilitates the negotiation and not the confrontation with the seller or the other broker.
  • I have a perfect command of all the forms, which allows me to avoid problems for the buyers because by the time they get to the notary, it is already too late.
  • I have access to a vast network of qualified professionals who will be instrumental in the success of your real estate transaction.
  • I offer, at my expense, peace of mind with the Tranquilli-T program to which I adhere.
  • I take charge of every step of the process and act as an advisor.
  • I have access to a lot of useful information on the properties for sale or sold.
  • I guarantee a saving of time and money, but also the guarantee of being protected by the real estate brokerage law.

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