A lifestyle broker caters to those in all walks of life, who are not just looking for a home – but, a lifestyle. It may seem that finding a home in the right location at a decent price point is perhaps like finding a needle in a haystack, however working with someone who listens to your needs & has the foresight to offer alternatives to some elements of a wish list, can be the differentiating factor.

When first acquiring someone looking for a property my first question is:

“What is your lifestyle?”

For some reason, this is gravely overlooked yet is so important.


When it comes to finding a property in today’s sellers’ market, accepting the current market conditions is the first step and reviewing the wants and needs. What is non-negotiable? What areas have been overlooked? How many years will be lived in this home? Downgrade or an upgrade?

All these questions need to be asked and listening is the key. This pandemic has made us re-think how we want to spend our days and what was once not a need – is an absolute must. This is where a broker understands the lifestyle you wish to keep or perhaps uphold in the future in order to determine where to place you.


Various price points come into the mix, but a lifestyle broker will certainly know how to market a special type of home so that the current shopper, cannot only visualize themselves in the home but also see the value in its surroundings.

Marketing a home requires an understanding of what is needed to attract the right type of buyer.

The right professional does not need to be a dominating force within the neighborhood, but a key ally who can analyze the facts and know what can be the best solution to showcasing a property’s best features or the area’s best trademarks for that matter. Regardless of the price point, the state, the type of home or the neighborhood – a professional that truly understands the requirements is best advised.