More so, real estate has been at the forefront of many social media platforms and rightfully so. The Quebec market was faced with a lockdown at the beginning of 2020, followed by an integration of virtual means only and then, the final curtain call of getting back in the trenches – where the market only continued to showcase that nothing was going to stand in its way.

As we were confined and as many business operations ceased to exist, those in the game of buying & selling relied not only on their realtors, but they went to the internet. In the age of window shopping, retailers put on their best seasonal marketing campaigns via their window displays – showcasing their latest collection and finest creations. With streets now being deserted and malls being empty, the pandemic has forced not only the way we shop for our personal items, but how we shop for our homes as well.

Digital marketing isn’t limited to a properties’ online presence through our MLS system, it is beyond that. We are the retailers, and we must showcase our products the best way possible, thus creating the relevant online traffic and views. This is where other digital forces come into play.


With more time indoors, people turned to their phone for engagement and that is why a strong social media presence is important. People rely on their phone for news, updates and for plain old entertainment. In the midst of all that are photos and descriptions of homes for sale. Having a property showcased on social media is not just for the exposure, but it also gives a faster call to action from one realtor’s network to another. Realtors scroll too and they may just see something new that will match their buyer’s latest request! Not to mention, the more exposure – the better. It may just peak one person’s interest from another city or country entirely.


It starts with photos and it could end with a plethora of graphics to catch the eye. Keeping it simple is what’s best. Videos and virtual tours (Matterport for example) have now become increasingly popular in order to capture a home’s footprint or lifestyle. As much as sales were concluded virtually during a lockdown, many buyers still do not have the confidence to fully commit to a home sight unseen. A home must give you that “feeling” of comfort and for many, that is an important factor in their decision-making process. With the help of videos and virtual tours, a potential buyer can eliminate the best from the rest.


A little PR can go a long way. Having a network that allows to showcase properties from one market to another, increases the chances of having more interest. The beauty of such, is that some agents have access to viewing these statistics of where views and clicks are coming from.

Public relations in this virtual era also means taking the time to exhibit the home and features that may not be captured in photos and in videos. The effort on a realtor’s stand point, should bring a guided tour to a virtual platform as thought an actual visit were to be conducted.

Even though the pandemic has changed our way of living, how we conduct real estate remains simple yet refined. We also had to quickly pivot in our own business to provide an even better service, one that combined expertise and exposure into one package – regardless of the hot seller’s market!